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Thursday, 4 February 2016

Carlo: Bogus Charity Worker

Carlo: Bogus Charity Worker - Parts One and Two

Carlo has been selling raffle tickets to raise money for the local community centre. The problem is, Carlo does not have permission to do this and he was intending on keeping all the money to himself! Carlo got caught and was given a stark choice. Either get reported to the Police, or face Mr X, the local community spanker for punishment!

This means Calro is going to get spanked.

Carlo is a tall handsome man and thinks he can easily cope with a bit of spanking! He has no idea what is in store for him and that Mr X is an expert at reducing cocky young men to being very sorry lads! Carlo soon over Mr X's Knee getting spanked!

First on his jeans

Then his tight underpants, which is when he starts to realize that spankings hurt!

At first Carlo refuses to take off his underpants

but Mr. X persuades him with a threat to refer him to the police.
Carlo is then spanked on his bare bottom, which really hurts

At first it appears that Carlo's attitude has improved, but then he jumps up without permission, insisting he has had enough.

Mr. X decides that cheeky Carlo needs to be  taught a harsher lesson.

So, Carlo is made to hand over his own thick, leather belt!

The handsome, naked lad is then ordered back of Mr X's knee and is ordered to count out all 12 swats from the belt. 


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Tuesday, 26 January 2016

Sebastian Bubble Bath Blues


Sebastian has a fun night out planned. He has invited his friend along. It seems like money is no concern at all for Sebastian.

Excited about his night out, Sebastian strips off planning to have a nice long soak in the bath. 

Without a care in the world, he walks naked to the bathroom

And casually soaks in the bath

He is relaxing in bed thinking about what to wear that night …...

when his furious father arrives home.

Dad has got his credit card bill through and there are lots of extra expenses on there.

Although at first he denies it, it is clear that Sebastian has been using his Father's credit card. Oops!

Sebastian has a choice. Either Dad reports him to the fraud department or Sebastian gets punished.
Even though Sebastian is all grown up, Dad decides that he is not too old for a spanked bottom!

Sebastian is made to get over his Dad's knee and gets spanked hard with his hand and the slipper!