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Sunday, 24 April 2016

Hunky Builder Chris Spanked By Strict Supervisor Sebastian!

Chris & Sebastian - Stern Supervisor

I always love it when I get the lads spanking each other. Trust me, this is never easy to do. 
This movie worked out perfectly with handsome Sebastain spanking hunky builder Chris!
I hope you enjoy this preview and the full movie is available to watch here now!


Watch the full version of the movie here!

Monday, 7 March 2016

Locker Room Thief - Karl & Kevin - Part Five

This MM Spanking movie follows on a few weeks after Part Four...

Kevin is getting changed in the Locker Room when Karl suddenly appears holding a piece of paper! 
A dating website has been hacked with all the user information leaked online. It seems that Kevin has cheated on his girlfriend!

Kevin tries to bluff it out, but to no avail 

Karl is delighted to have this information and see's it as a way of getting revenge on Kevin for spanking him a few weeks ago!
This is terrible for Kevin. He see's himself as the tough guy and top sportsman & being made to get spanked by a younger "inferior" like Karl is humiliation beyond belief.
But Kevin chooses to get spanked rather than his girlfriend finding out. So he finds himself over Karl's knee getting his bottom spanked. 

You can see how much Karl is enjoying getting his revenge. 
Especially when Kevin has his pants pulled down and he gets spanked on his bare bottom!

Poor Kevin! Not sure which stings worst, his sore bottom or his wounded ego!

Video Preview

More from Producer Dave
""It was really satisfying making this movie for a couple of reasons. First of all, Kevin and Karl were just fantastic in this. There acting was superb and I felt they made the scenario seem incredibly real. Visually, it looked great having Kevin over Karl's knee.

But also, from a story telling point of view I was really pleased that Karl got his revenge on Kevin. I know that Karl really messed up and it was terrible stealing from his team mates. However, getting spanked for the one crime FOUR times is a bit excessive! In Part Four we discovered more the reasons why Karl was stealing and the real effort he made to pay Kevin back. I thought Kevin was really mean to Karl. Talk about kicking someone when they are down! So it was very rewarding to see Kevin brought down a peg or two""
 Mouse Spank Kevin's sore bottom or click the link below to visit 
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Saturday, 5 March 2016

Monday, 22 February 2016

Tom - Office Pest

Tom - Office Pest

Tom is a handsome young banker. Tall, muscular and very good-looking. Tom knows all of this and uses it to his full advantage. In fact, sometimes Tom takes advantage!

It was his offices annual party and Tom behaved inappropriately with the secretary. She was very upset. Tom's boss decided that there should be punishment. Nobody, including the secretary wanted to see Tom lose his job, however it was decided that he should also be made to feel embarrassed.

Tom was given an ultimatum. Go and face Mr X for a sound spanking or lose his job! Tom turns up to see Mr X dressed up in his smart suit. He soon discovers that his charm does not work on Mr X. 

The idea of having to go over another man's knee for punishment is completely humiliating for Tom, but yet he finds himself draped over Mr X's knee with his muscular bottom in the perfect position for a spanking!

At first Tom says the whole thing is “Stupid”

Then it begins to hurt!
Mr X does not hold back as he spanks Tom. Starting the punishment off through his trousers then making Tom strip off to his underwear..

Next, despite his protests, Tom gets spanked on his bare bottom!

It is a delight to see the handsome, confident man reduced to kicking and struggling over another man's knee as the spanking leaves him sore and ashamed!


This trailer was first posted at New Year, but it's worth a second look


Wednesday, 17 February 2016

Free Video Preview - Callum - Caught Sexting!

Here is a sneak preview of this weeks forthcming release featuring new lad Callum.
Click Here To See More!

Thursday, 4 February 2016

Carlo: Bogus Charity Worker

Carlo: Bogus Charity Worker - Parts One and Two

Carlo has been selling raffle tickets to raise money for the local community centre. The problem is, Carlo does not have permission to do this and he was intending on keeping all the money to himself! Carlo got caught and was given a stark choice. Either get reported to the Police, or face Mr X, the local community spanker for punishment!

This means Calro is going to get spanked.

Carlo is a tall handsome man and thinks he can easily cope with a bit of spanking! He has no idea what is in store for him and that Mr X is an expert at reducing cocky young men to being very sorry lads! Carlo soon over Mr X's Knee getting spanked!

First on his jeans

Then his tight underpants, which is when he starts to realize that spankings hurt!

At first Carlo refuses to take off his underpants

but Mr. X persuades him with a threat to refer him to the police.
Carlo is then spanked on his bare bottom, which really hurts

At first it appears that Carlo's attitude has improved, but then he jumps up without permission, insisting he has had enough.

Mr. X decides that cheeky Carlo needs to be  taught a harsher lesson.

So, Carlo is made to hand over his own thick, leather belt!

The handsome, naked lad is then ordered back of Mr X's knee and is ordered to count out all 12 swats from the belt. 


Free Preview